My Little Pony: Hagyj nyomot magad után! 6. Fejezet! - angol szinkronnal

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The Isle of Scaly

The ponies visit the Isle of Scaly to ask the dragons to join their fight to stop Opaline... but the dragons aren't sure they should trust them.

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Roots of All Evil Pt. 1

The ponies need to figure out how Opaline is stealing the Cutie Marks - and fast! Luckily, Opaline isn't the only pony with dragons on her side.

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Roots of All Evil Pt. 2

From Zephyr Heights to Bridlewood, Opaline's on a mission to capture the last of the Cutie Mark magic. But true power comes from friendship, not force!

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Secrets of Starlight

The Together Tree portal leads the ponies to a glittery wonderland called Starlight Ridge. But are the local Auroricorns hiding something?