My Little Pony: Hagyj nyomot magad után! 5. Fejezet! - angol szinkronnal

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 Cutie Blossom Bash


 It's the annual Equestria Cutie Blossom Bash! But Misty feels nervous to be honored alongside all the other ponies who received their Cutie Marks.

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 Family Trees Pt. 1


 Is Misty having bad dreams... or visions of the future? The group heads to Bridlewood to see if the Wishing Tree can offer any clues.

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 Family Trees Pt. 2


 According to the Breezies, Misty's key has the power to take her to the place she most wants to go. Could it help her find answers about her family?

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 Father of the Bridlewood


 Misty ir over the lunar moon to be reunited with her father. But as they reconnect, she realizes there's a lot she doesn't remember about her past.

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 Mane Smelody


 Pipp stumbles upon a strage plant that can instantly shine a pony's hoof for a luxury, all-natural hooficure treatment. The only problem? It stinks!

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 Nightmare on Mane Street


 On Nightmare Night, the ponies busy themselves planning their favorite spooky traditions. But there's one scary guest they weren't expecting.